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How My Business Expenses Unlocked Epic Travel

When I started my first business, I had no credit. I couldn’t even get approved for a two-year contract with Verizon. I built the whole business, a eCommerce business, on Shopify on cashflow from the business and my personal debit card. About six months later, I got a notice from Shopify’s payment’s department. “We’re freezing payouts from your account until you can prove your identity,” was the gist.
I was building that business on cashflow with a debit card at that time. My personal bank account quickly went negative.

I had to find a solution and fast. I just so happened to remember seeing a flyer from American Express for their AmEx Business Gold card with a 50,000 point bonus in the mail. I knew I had to get that card and start shipping inventory again or else my business would collapse.

AmEx overnighted the card to me and I got my business back on its feet and was able to build it to a seven-figure one-person business in the following years. But in the meantime, I was curious what I could do with those 50,000 AmEx points. That week, I heard a podcast interview with a guy who traveled first class around the world, entirely on points. He pointed out that most people can’t do this because they don’t spend enough -- but business owners do and can learn the game.

To me, somebody running a little one-person business who had never left the United States, that sounded unbelievable. I had to learn more.

So that’s what I did.

I spent the following 7 years learning everything I could about awards travel. I devoured every podcast out there, read every blog, hired points-hacking experts to teach me their secrets, and learned the ins-and-outs of different cards, different programs, airline alliances, transfer partners, and all the little details that make or break this game.

This completely changed my life. I took my entire family on a trip across the world to Japan, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. I traveled to Hong Kong for a trade show that completely changed my business and unlocked entirely new streams of revenue. I took two high school friends who could have never afforded this kind of travel on a trip that they’ll always remember. I regularly helped friends unlock this superpower hidden in their own businesses.

And travel became a pleasure. No more sore necks from red-eye flights. No more worrying about the cost of a ticket. No more being groggy for important meetings when I landed.

This was all done with the money I was already spending on my eCommerce business. I didn’t pay cash for a single of those tickets.

And that’s why I started FlyGuy. We help other business owners unlock that superpower hidden in their businesses. We’ll help you use the exact cards on the exact purchases, rack up points in the right accounts, and even book the travel for you. Even more, we let you in on the secrets the other "points" businesses don't talk about because we're hyper-focused on working with business owners, not any old person out there interested in cards.

We cut out the learning curve so you can start unlocking epic travel with your business expenses, effortlessly.

Let’s fly.

Allen Walton

Epic travel across the world

Bring your travel dreams to life

FlyGuy makes it possible for you, your family, your friends, and even your employees to travel across the world in style.
Allen (me) and his (my) wife traveled across the world in biz class for just a few fees.
Steffi launched Pretzel.me using Ollie in under a week.
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We love working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and operators to help make their travel dreams a reality. You focus on building your business -- we'll unlock the world of travel for you.
Jeremy Cai
FlyGuy lets me make the dream of world travel while running a business a reality. I know that if I want to fly anywhere in style, all I need to do is hit up FlyGuy and they'll make it happen every time. Every founder needs FlyGuy.
Casey Ames
I’ve personally been using credit cards to get miles for over 7 years now, but whenever I have a question on how to book the best flight, or which credit card is best to get now, FlyGuy is who I turn to. Outside of helping my optimize my credit cards set up, the best thing about working with Allen is redeeming high quality flights at a much lower point amount than I was before!
Ben Dziwulski
I used to do all of my “travel hacking” myself, but then it started to get confusing and wasted a TON of my time and energy trying to book flights, manage points, and open new cards.

FlyGuy fixed that. They make sure that I can focus on running my business and they take care of my travel hacking!
Nathan Barry
I had a team member’s transpacific flight get canceled because of COVID and the FlyGuy team immediately found new business class flights at a great value. Booking was simple and everything is back on schedule!

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Biz + First Class Travel

No more bumping your knees on the seat in front of you for that 12 hour flight to Hawaii. We scour the best routes to optimize comfort and ease while you travel. We'll even help you book world-class hotel stays.

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No hold times. No annoying dial menus. No generic "support" addresses. We handle each booking uniquely so you know you're getting real, human attention.

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You're probably not getting as many points as you deserve. We'll fix that for you. Our team optimizes your wallet to get the most points possible for your current and future spend levels.

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